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NanoProtech Aerosol Gun Lubricant 120ml


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NanProtect Next-Generation Gun Lubricant is Russian designed technology for extreme protection
against corrosion, friction and wears om gun, rifle and weapon metal components.

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Military tested and approved protection by various institutions.
Nanoparticles penetrate deep into the microcavities within the metal surface preventing moisture
build-up and reducing carbon build-up.

Features, Advantages & Benefits of NanoProtect Next-Generation Gun Lubricant:

Long term protection for up to 3 months per single treatment
Anti-corrosive protection for all metal components
Reduces friction and wear
Hydrophobic (moisture repellent)
Ultimate lubrication
Extreme temperature tolerance with heat up to Plus 250°C and cold down to Minus 80°C
Non-harmful to plastics, rubbers, wood or textiles
Can be used inside the gun barrel and on all other metal surfaces
Ultimate designed lubrication protective coating for all weapons.